1 - Show Schedule

7/8 am (at the latest) - set up team arrives
- set up set, cameras, lights, and get any props from the prop-shop

9 am - everyone else arrive by 9 please
- break into individual positions (VTR check tapes, audio get music ready, continue to set up set)

11 am - have set completed, begin to get into positions (host, cameras, audio, etc)
- Michael Cherrington arrives to help with lighting
- mic hosts, prep cameras (white balance, etc), etc
- check in with guest to make sure she is still coming?

11:00-11:25 am - lunch break for: Ally, Yvonne, Natasha, Megan, Joe, Dana, Kahleed, Matt, Christina, Brandon, Conrad
11:25-11:50 am - lunch break for: Lindsay, Liz, Derek, Gavin, James, Bolu, Sammy, Shannon, Paula, Val, Anthia
*Ryan/Nicole/Steve should take working lunches, meet (with Sherry/Catharine) and make sure everything is getting done, production is on track, etc

12 pm - begin run thru's
- we will do one full run thru with everything, then run thru's with shorter packages

1 pm - guest arrives
- once our guest arrives we will get her ready (mic, anything she needs, answer any questions) and go live-to-tape

1:15 pm - should be live-to-tape by now, we don't want to keep our guest waiting

1:45 pm - hopefully we are on time, and finished taping by now
- start clean up, many hands make light work

2:30 pm - discuss the show we just taped
- begin working on next show

4:00 pm - class is ending
- have positions firmed, and segment ideas for the next show

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