1- Trends: Winter Trends- Outline


Intro 20 seconds
Tropical Sounding Music
Shots of Vacation Deals, Then Shot of Wintery Scenery, Shot of Waves Crashing, Shot of Snow Plow.

Walk Shot Outside
“Winter- it can be sooo cold, with an average winter temperature in Southern Ontario at minus 14 there’s no wonder why people dream of a tropical escape.”

(Change of Angle) Walk Shot Outside
GFX Stat Canada 2006
“According to Stats Canada in 2006 over 2 million people head south to the sunny state of Florida during winter. A trend that is very Canadian of us” Stock Viz of “Florida (welcome to Florida Sign)

Example: Most popular destination,
Why people choose to go away during winter,
Costs this year.

“Talking about heading south, while we’re here fighting wind chills and digging out our cars from the snow, meet Lindsay Smith. She’s a student at Sheridan who’s ditched her winter gear for some sun block—talk about unfair!”

Lindsay Packing, why she is going to Florida?
Ex: I can’t wait to ditch the winter clothing,
Lindsay Arrives in Florida. Talk about no snow there and the temperature upon arrival and how she plans to kick back and relax in Florida- Arrive at hotel; tell about how she is enjoying the sandals?

“Well Lindsay that’s nice, but there is no way flip flops would cut it in some of the snowiest locations here in Ontario. Toronto alone receives on average 133cm of snow each year and that means we need the right gear.”

(On location at Australian Boot Company)
“… And what better way to walk around in it- then with a pair of these”
Camera Pan down to Boots
Camera Pan Up to Sign
Natasha walking into the store.
Viz of store, and lots of UGG boots.

*Clip of manager from Australia Boot Company*
“Ex: Uggs are, our #1 selling boots, popularity,
And why they are so poplar?
Features & Benefits?”

V/O Viz Sign of Sheridan College…
“Love them or hate them, they are everywhere? We took to the hall of Sheridan with out UGG counter- to see just how popular are they.

Fast Music -head to the hall, sped up video.
Montage of walk around the school seeing how many UGG boots we find in a matter of time. Graphic: counter in top right or left corner.

*Clip of student saying they love the boots*

Clip of Lindsay
Well I am feeling relaxed and happy to be out of the snow… just look at my pina colada”

OC “While your drinking Pina Coladas, were standing in Tim Horton’s line ups for coffee and hot chocolate and did you know the average Canadian consumes 86liters of coffee -per year that equivalent to 205 of theses” (show Tim Hotons Large cup)
Viz in front of Tim’s, close up of coffee. Etc.


ETRO 20 seconds
OC “ So if you cant afford a trip down south, get some UGGS, some COFFEE, and don’t worry because winter only lasts 62 days out of the year, back to you guys.”

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