How To… Go Green Proposal

Focus: How to…make your individual life greener.

Interviews :
Brent Bertrand
Ready Honda….by Square 1
Location:Mississauga, ON
905-896-3500 Ext 1165.
Monday at 5:00 pm in Sheridan parking lot

Liz Benneian
President of Oakville Green
Monday Feb 23rd at 9:30am
WildFlower Conservation Area

Host Intro: Nicole: “Now there are many different ways to “Going Green” but how do some people do it?”
Sammy: “OOh I know Leonardo Dicaprio drives a hybrid.”
Nicole: “ Well we all aren’t all the king of the world, and do you even know what a hybrid is?”
Sammy: “ I think I see them a lot on TMZ all the stars are driving them.”
Nicole: “Well now you will see our own star of “The Vibe” Liz Kirkham driving one… check it out”

Reporter Liz Kirkham:
Interviews Brent Bertrand of Ready Honda about the Hybrid.
What makes the Hybrid different from the other cars you sell here?
What is so special about the Inegrated Motor Assist system?
How does regenerative braking work?
What much does the hybrid cost?
How many other green cars will be made in the future?
Is a hybrid a good investment, if so why?

Have the hybrid and Liz’s car side by side, comparing the two. Liz inside the car interviewing the Hybrid expert. Have camera rolling from the back seat.

B-roll: Footage of Brent, talking about the car. Showing the features, matching what he’s talking about with images. Liz driving the car. Footage of inside the car as Liz takes a test drive. Footage of the car being driven.
Some kind of futuristic techno playing while looking and driving the car.

Reporter Liz V/O: “ Well it was pretty nice driving a car that is green, and the cheapest Hybrid out there is only 18,000.00. Here are some ways that you can be energy efficient and even save money, in hopes that maybe you can buy a Hybird.”

Video Montage:
Video Montage will include before and after’s of cheap ways to go green.
Shot1: Liz putting only three dishes in the dishwasher.
Take 2: Liz putting in a full load of dishes.
Shot 2: Liz leaving a room with the lights still on.
Take 2 Liz turning off the lights when she leaves the room.
Shot 3: Liz changing a light bulb to a non eco-friendly bulb
Take 2:Liz changing the bulb to an energy efficient bulb.
Shot 4: Liz driving her car across the street.
Take 2: Liz riding her bike across the street.
Shot 5: Liz going on an QEW ramp.
Take 2: Liz riding her bike the Go Station.
Shot 5:Liz putting non recyclable items in the garbage.
Take 2: Liz sorting her recyclables in the right blue bins.
Shot 6: Liz turning up the air conditioning.
Take 2: Liz turning down the air conditioning.

Music: Happy upbeat cheesy semi 80’s montage music.
Liz will be doing voiceover’s explaining the reasons behind her actions during the piece.

Reporter Liz V/O: “Well now that I showed you some very easy and cheap ways on how to go green. Liz Benneian President of Oakville Green has been working hard for the past 8 years trying to conserve the environment around us. Liz met us in Wild Flower Conservation area, that she and Oakville Green preserve.”

Some Interview questions for Liz Benneian President of Oakville Green.
At Wild Flower Conservation Park
What has Oakville Green done to help the environment around Oakville?
How can Sheridan Students get involved?
How effective have you been?
What projects are underway?
Is it difficult to get citizens to buy in?
Do you target citizens, or companies?
Besides the pesticides have any other buy laws been passed?
How have you been advocating the ban on plastics?
What are easy ways to be environmentally friendly?
What projects are you currently working on?

There will be footage of the Wild Flower park in which Oakville Green restored. Footage of plastic bags, subdivisions, that have parks and walkways. Show waste in a residential area.
Extro: Liz Reporter: “ Well I still have a few more minutes with this green baby here (taps the Hybrid) So I think I will play hooky for the day, and have more fun test driving, back to the studio” (Drives off)

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