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Megan, Paula, Ryan and Liz

Tapes: Hybrid Invu tape 1, Hybrid Invu tape 2, Liz B Invu tape 1, Montage tape 1


B-roll: Hybrid Invu tape 1: Sound bite of key starting the car. Shots of the hybrid car being driven, close up of the rear view mirror with the eyes of O’neil Kerr. Close up shot of O’neils face, backseat shot of O’neil driving. Shot of stick shift being moved.

V/O: “Hear that…. That’s the loudest sound that this Hybrid makes. O’neil Kerr is a Hybrid expert, he took me on a test drive and taught me what a hybrid is.

Clip 1: Hybrid Invu tape 1: 00:02:00- 00:02:15
“The Hybrid is a new generation in vehicles incorporations clean air fuel technology as well as cost savings and efficacy . Hondas hybrid has integrated motor assist, which lets you drive the vehicle on battery. That way you cut down on the emission and fuel.”

B-roll Hybrid Invu tape 2:
Shots of the hybrid trunk where the nameplate of the Hybrid is located. Shot of Hybrid with the sun glowing behind it. Show some shots of O’neil looking under the hood.

V/O: The Hybrid is an eco friendly vehicle, it runs on both battery and gasoline. It has a rechargeable energy storage system, and has regenerative braking.

Clip 2: Hybrid Invu Tape 1: 00:02:56:-00:03:14
“The vehicle uses a battery system, you never have to plug it in or charge it. When you are driving the vehicle and you stop or slow down the friction from the breaks creates a so called kinetic energy is captures back into the system by a charge in the vehicle and gives you more charge in the battery allowing you to drive the vehicle without having to plug it in .”

Clip 3: Hybrid Invu Tape 1: 00:03:24-00:03:36
“I would defiantly drive the vehicle , better for the generation, for kids that are growing up, environmentally friendly, clean technology, the government has a fuel incentive rebate for buying the vehicle, up to three to four thousand dollars rebate for buying clean technology.”

V/O: With a four thousand dollar government rebate and this car on sale for 26,350.00 that’s a really good cheap price for all you are getting with this eco friendly car. I may even want to get one, but first I think I should test drive.

B-roll: Hybrid invu tape 2:
Liz putting her foot on the gas, shots of Liz driving in the front seat. Shot of car driving.

V/O: WOW I love this car, the breaks work so much better in hear then on my car, I even like the clicking sound it makes when we turn.

Clip 4:Hybrid Invu Tape 1 00:04:34- 00:05:01
“Young people are the future of the generations. The price of the hybrid will become cheaper once more technology comes out. The civic hybrid basically works with stop and go technology, so when your in a city stopping at the lights and the stop signs your using more of the hybrid features vs when your on the highway your using more of the gas. Your cost saving will amount over the years, and your doing something great for the environment, and your lowering your emissions rate and helping out the environment as well.”

B-roll Hybrid invu tape 2:
Shots under the hood, shots of Liz coming to a stop sign, turning the wheel of the car. Close up at GPS saying arrive at destination.

Clip 5: 00;06:03-00:06:12
Bridge: “Well it was really nice to hear about this car, but if you don’t have any money for it now, I can give you some eco friendly advise about how to go green and save money, so you can afford a car like this. But for now, lets drive.”

Graphic Easy Tips To Go Green.
V/O: Here are some easy steps, and cheap steps that can help you go green and possibly even help you save for a new hybrid. Music ** fun upbeat montage music.
“*** Show gfx with lists with easy tips.

Clips from Montage Tape 1

Shot1: Liz putting only three dishes in the dishwasher.
V/O Make sure you fill up your dishwasher.
Take 2: Liz putting in a full load of dishes.

Shot 2: Liz leaving a room with the lights still on.
V/O it may seem simple but be David Suzikis friend and turn off the lights when you leave the room.
Take 2 Liz turning off the lights when she leaves the room.

Shot 3: Liz changing a light bulb to a non eco-friendly bulb
V/O Use energy efficient lightbulbs
Take 2:Liz changing the bulb to an energy efficient bulb.

Clip: 00:03:02-00:03:12
Bridge “ Take shorter showers, or shower with a friend”

Shot 4: Liz going on an QEW ramp.
V/O Walk, bike or take the bus to the go station
Take 2: Liz riding her bike the Go Station.

Shot 5: Liz turning up the air conditioning.
V/O you will save a lot of energy if you turn your heat down four degree’s.
Take 2: Liz turning down the air conditioning.

B-roll Montage tape 1:
Footage will match every shot, and voice over.

V/O: “Well now that I showed you some very easy and cheap ways on how to go green. Liz Benneian President of Oakville Green has been working hard for the past 8 years trying to conserve the environment around us. Liz met us in Wild Flower Conservation area, where she explained what Oakville Green has done for the environtment.”
B-roll : Tape Liz B Invu:
Shotsof Liz walking, shots of the park. Shots or Oakville Green.

Clip: Liz B Invu Tape 1: 00:00-18
“. Our first battle was to uh save some of the land north of five that was going to be developed. It was seventy six hundred acres. It was a long battle, but in the end thirty percent of that land has been preserved as natural heritage system. we got a tree by-law that prevents developers from clear cutting land before they apply for their site plan applications. We got a pesticide by-law a couple of years ago. So your no longer able to use uh.. pesticides, cosmetic pesticides on your properties or businesses,.”

V/O: Oakville Green has made people more aware of the issues in the environment, for example the globel warming , peak oil, and now they are trying to do a zero waste policy.

Clip2: Liz B Invu tape: 00:01:21-
“Zero waste is a different way of looking at waste. It looks at everything that we use as a resource and it looks at a closed loop system. So that you’re not throwing things away, you’re reusing them. And it focuses attention on the first part of the R’s, reduce rather than just re-using and recycling. It also looks at things like making manufacturers responsible for the full life of their products. So when consumers are done with their product, instead of disposing of it, it goes back to the manufacturer. If manufacturers know they have to be responsible for the full life cycle of their product, then they’ll be much more willing to design them with the environment in mind and to design them with recycling in mind.”

Clip 3: Liz B Invu Tape: 00:03:20
“What did Oakville Green do for the Wildflower Conservation Park”-Elizabeth

“This is a great example of what you can do when you make an effort to preserve something in your community. This is a twenty four acre wood. It was going to be developed, it was losing its designation as an environmentally sensitive area. It was starting to show up on the town maps as grey instead of green which means an industrial area. I was very concerned about it, and even before I joined Oakville Green I started Lobbying for its preservation.
B-roll: Shots of the park, Shots of subdivisions try have them fade into each other, show a map of Oakville.

“When I became president, got behind the battle, lobbied our member of parliament, we lobbied other people at the provincial level, we talked to our local councilors, we hosted a walk through the woods, we had thirty citizens turn out for that. We had a photographer came and took pictures of it, and all those efforts paid off. And what happened was the Ontaio Government, who owned this piece of property through the Ontario Realty Core, they ended up giving it to Halton Conservation to manage as a conservation area. This is a really critical piece of Carolinian forest.”

B-roll- Of Liz face fading to shots of the parliament make it look hazy as if it was a memory, match what she is saying with footage that we have.

V/O- Liz is a perfect example of an individual who has gone green. With all that she , and Oakville Green have done, they admit that there is so much more to do, they are even teaching other’s how to go green.

Clip: Liz B Invu 00:04:48-
“We’re in the schools a lot, we have a whole bunch of programs that are aimed at different age groups of students that meet with their curriculum specifications. We’re also working on… we saved that thirty percent of the land north of highway five as a natural heritage system but now we want to make sure that they don’t put paved pathways through it, which the park’s department wanted to do. So we’re engaged in that. We’re commenting on the Halton region’s Sustainable Halton plan, which is their new official plan. We’re mounting a plastic bag campaign as part of our zero waste initiative. So there’s lots of things going on.”

V/O: Did you know if 25% of Canadian families used 10 fewer plastics bags a month, we would save over 2.5 Billion bags a year? With all this environmental do gooding its not hard to want to join in to what Oakville Green is doing.

Clip Liz B Invu 00:07:00
““ We have had a tremendous response from people. I think it’s because, people are really starting to understand that these things that are happening, whether it’s climate change, or peak oil, or the waste crisis. Whatever these things, they realize that they’re critical. That the effects are happening now, it’s not something in the future. They’re feelings the effects, their children will feel the effects worse and their grandchildren if we don’t do something now are going to be in a world that is very different from ours. And it may not be a very pleasant place to live. So people are willing to put the time in now. They’re willing to take a stand, they’re willing to go to a council meeting, plant a tree, man a booth, they’re willing to do something because they realize it’s a critical time and the time to act is now.”

EXTRO: “ Ii is now your time to Act now. After learning about all the work that Liz Bennien has done I feel like I can do so much more to help protect the environment. I hope you all will know how to and act more environmentally friendly in a green. Its your time to act now, I’m Liz Kirkham from “The Vibe”.

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