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The first Earth day took place almost 39 years ago, on April 22, 1970. Graphic from Youtube:
Earth from space-5 seconds

American Senator Gaylord Nelson wanted to incorporate environmental issues into politics. Pictures:
White House-2 seconds
Gaylord Nelson-2 seconds
American Flag-1 second

He organized a day where many grassroots protests would occur concerning the environment. From Youtube:
People Protesting and marching-5 seconds

Since then, 180 countries have joined in the movement. It's united the globe in an effort to help the environment and save it from the destruction brought on by man made pollutants. Pictures:
Peace Symbol-2 seconds
People Hugging-2 seconds

Stock footage:
Lake Ontario- 3 seconds
Pollution viz-5 seconds

Last year six million Canadians joined in to celebrate the day, as did a half billion people around the globe.
Earth Day- 2 seconds
Earth Day symbol- 2 seconds

Earth from space-5 seconds

Music: 1:00 track created by Joe Hofman

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