3---Segment Outline for Top 5 List

Segment Outline: “Top 5 Going Green”

Producer: Matt
Camera: Christina
Editor: Yvonne
Talent: Joe & Paula

The top 5 segment this week will consist of the best ways to go green. The skits will be of Joe and Paula discussing ways of going green, but misinterpreting or not fully understanding each concept, and end up making things worse overall, or providing a comedic twist to each method.


Segment 1 – Public Transit

Joe and Paula are in/near a train at a GO station.

JOE: I’m so proud of us for using public transportation more often.


Paula: Wow, poor Stan, he works every time I’m on this train. Day or night all you hear is “Stan, clear the doors please.”

Joe: That’s true, he was even on the train when we came out here! Poor guy… at least he’s working.

Segment 2 – Eco-friendly Cars

Joe: Hey Paula, I thought you were trying to reduce your footprint by driving an eco-friendly car?

Paula: Hellooooooo, that's why I got the green one.

Joe: That's true.

Paula: What about you? Weren't you looking at getting an electric car?

J: Yeah! I'm just having a hard time finding an extension cord that's long enough, because sometimes I drive pretty far…

P: Well get in; I'll help you look.

Segment 3 – Grow Your Own Food

Joe: I think its so cool that you plant seeds and Voila! You have your own vegetables….

Paula: I know, it's just little changes like this that can make a huge difference.

Joe: But why do you have Cheerios?

Paula: Oh, no they're bagel seeds….

Joe: Oh, good call, now we have everything to grow our own BLT's.

Paula: Well we don't have bacon.

Joe: We can buy it from the store; I'm not about to invest in a cow.

Segment 4 – Recycle

Joe is putting out the recycling, blue boxes, green box etc.

Joe: Remember when recycling was only once every two weeks?

Paula: Yeah, it takes a little more effort to do it once a week now, but it definitely helps. Once you form the habit, you can't look back.

Joe: I just wish I could do it on my own schedule, you know?

Paula: Maybe we should look into buying our own Recycle plant, we can grow it in the backyard.

Joe: Yeah! Then we can just feed it whenever we can, at whatever time of day.

Paula: Ooooh, and we can even get pink boxes! How big are recycling plants?

Joe: I don't know, I've never actually seen one but it is probably huge.

Segment 5 – Use Clean Energy

Joe and Paula are reading a book based on the wind turbines in Nevada.

Joe: Windmills are so cool, one day the whole world will use them as an alternative.

Paula: I don't get it.
Joe: What don't you get?

Paula: By the time the wind gets to Las Vegas it won't even be cold anymore.

Joe: Oh my God, you think these are supposed to cool down the city? Even I know that's not true. You would need so many more. These are to cool down the desert. And one day if everyone uses them as an alternative, global warming will be a thing of the past.

Paula: You’re so smart

Joe: No, you're so smart.

Paula: You definitely had me at McGorgeous Burger!


We will be shooting this Sunday at 3pm.

Public Transit – Oakville GO.
Eco-friendly Cars – Any parking lot.
Grow Your Own Food – Possibly a garden?
Recycle – A house, probably Joe’s.
Use Clean Energy – Sheridan Library

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