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04:03:34 – 04:01
(looks at burger) Are you sick and tired of eating the same food day in, day out? (Burger out, Sushi in) I know I am.

04:05:35 – 08:04
Shots of students eating in the cafeteria
But I didn’t get a chance to touch that sushi. I’m headed to downtown Oakville to show you guys some of our local multi-culture restaurants.

(Shots of downtown Oakville
Cars moving on the street
People on the sidewalk)
03:28:37-46 – Shot of downtown
03:31:38-48 – Ground shot of people walking downtown
03:31:58-32:17 – 2nd Ground shot of people walking downtown
03:35:25-38 – Walking shot of downtown Oakville
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(Walk shot following Nic)
“We have tons of restaurants here in Oakville that are rich with cultural cuisine. For instance we have…”

(Shot of an Italian restaurant)
03:12:02-09 – Pan of Italian restaurant
Italian food
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(Shot of an Indian restaurant)
03:26:40-47 - Indian Restaurant pan Indian food
(Shot of a Thai restauant)
03:23:36-43 – Thai Restaurant pan Thai food
(Shot of a Greek restaurant)
03:12:09-17 – Greek restaurant Greek food
(Shot of a Chinese restaurant)
03:11:08-15 – Pan of Chinese food restaurant
Chinese food

04:02:34 – 02:48
Walk shot following Nic
We are surrounded with various foods that have come from various cultures. For instance (pulls out a container of honey) the oldest reference to honey is Egyptian around 5000BC. It was mainly used for commodity and trade but it’s still pretty tasty today

(Shot of Nic walking up to the camera and then into the book store.)
“So if your low on funds or you want to spend a night in, there are plenty of places you can go where you can find your own recipes and cook a multi-cultural meal at home.”
(Shots of the ext. of the book store)
03:09:53-58 - Pan of bookstore sign
{Shots of inside the book store
Shots of cooking books
Sequence shot of Nic walking up to a bookcase.(1)} 03:04:21-30 OC NIC:
You can walk into any bookstore and find a cookbook, with tons of recipes.
{Nic leaning over and pulling a book of the shelf.(2)} 03:05:57-06:05
You can find tons of different recipes, with lots of ingredients that you can find at your local grocery store.

03:17:30-35- Pan up behind computer
OC NIC: If you can’t find any recipes in the bookstore, you can always look online. There are literally thousands of recipes just waiting for you to make at home. And if you’re afraid of cooking and you don’t feeling like making them, I’m going to show you just how easy they are to make on your own.
(Shots of the Ext. of the Holiday Inn)
01:32:00-13 – Ext. shot of the hotel (ZO from the sign)
01:33:46-59 – Holiday Inn flag shot
I went to the Holiday Inn in Burlington to meet with chef Iqbal Chowdury and learn how easy it can be to make some multicultural dishes
(From interview with Iqbal)

I’m from Bangladesh. Back home I was studying Engineering(hard to hear). I came here to Canada and it’s hard to find a job here in my line. You know, different country and different system.
01:00:00-14 – Iqbal saying he is going to make three traditional dishes. (audio down)
01:30:37-49 – Pan of the bar
01:30:53-31:01 – Pan of a banquet room
Iqbal wanted to show me how to make three simple dishes. He showed me how to make…
01:07:11-17 – Butter Chicken dish done
Butter Chicken from India
01:24:00-25 – CU of Thai Chicken Penne after it’s finished
Thai Chicken Penne from Thailand
01:17:08-12 – Asparagus chicken is done
And Asparagus Chicken as a Canadian dish.
01:04:53-05:11 – Butter chicken being put into the bowl with rice on plate.
01:06:19-31 – Veggies in the pan w/ fire
01:08:33-45 – Dipping the naan bread into the butter chicken sauce
The Butter Chicken is made with a Tomato sauce that has some spices put in it and garlic.
01:19:54-20:00 – Cutting the chicken for the Thai Chicken Penne
01:21:59-22:08 – Adding Penne to the sauce The Thai Chicken Penne is made with parmesan cheese, garlic, white wine and some sweet Thai chili sauce.
01: 11:50-12:11 – Iqbal making the sauce for theChicken(flames/wine)
01:14:59-15:05 – Iqbal making the sauce for theChicken (shows how you can tell its done) The Asparagus Chicken has a sauce that is almost identical to the Thai Chicken Penne, only it doesn’t have the Thai chili sauce.
Sushi Extro
04:00:00 – 02:17
Well these have been some easy, convenient ways to spice up your life with a little multicultural cuisine. Now I don’t know about you guys but all this talk about food has made me pretty hungry. So, back to you guys in the studio. I’m having some sushi.

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