4 - Production Calendar
Segment Group Length Shot By/Edit By Current Status Approved
What's the Issue Sammy, Dana, Matt 3:20 Tuesday/Thursday Editing N/A
Trends Steve, Valerie, Ryan, Gavin 3:20 Tuesday/Thursday Editing N/A
How To Joe, Nic, Lindsay, Shannon 3:20 Tuesday/Thursday Editing N/A
Solution Kahleed, Natasha, Elizabeth, Anthia 3:20 Tuesday/Thursday Editing N/A
In Studio Interview Nicole, Bolu, Brandon 3:20 Tuesday/Thursday Assigned N/A

- Paper Edits MUST be sent to Paula, Yvonne, and Catharine by Tuesday March 17th at 5pm (It would also be nice for the hosts, Christina and Derek, to get a copy so they can write out their scripts).

- All segments must be edited by Thursday March 19th at 5pm

- Don't forget to get your intros and extros to Christina and Derek so they can work on the scripts.

Also keep checking this page often, it will be updated when changes are made.

Thanks ya'll

~ Ally

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