4 - What's The Issue Outline

*Original Document by Samantha Davis

Segment: What’s The Issue
Producer: Samantha Davis
Camera: Dana Bradbury
Editor: James Martin

Multiculturalism in Canada. How many people Immigrated to Canada.
Where Immigrants are coming from. Where immigrants settle in Canada.
Coming from an Immigrants perspective- what’s life in Canada like. Why they immigrated to Canada. Where are they coming from. What did it take to become a Canadian Citizen. Introduce Facts on multiculturalism and immigration in Canada.

Interview #1: Leroy Myrie – Immigrated from Jamaica.
Interview #2 (expert): International Centre @ Sheridan college
waiting for reply from International office

Interview #1
- At what age did you come to Canada?
-When did you come to Canada?
-What your life was like in Jamaica?
-What was it like first coming to Canada?
-Explain the process of getting your Canadian Citizenship?
-Why Canada?
-When did you officially become a Canadian Citizenship?
-What’s life like for you know living in Canada?
-Where’s your family? Are they in Canada?

Interview #2
- Where do most International students come from?
-What process do international students have to go through to become an international student?
-What are the requirements to becoming an international students?
-What is the average population of international students in Canada?

Contacts (Research)
Yonas Haile-Michael
Program Officer
Citizenship, Immigration and Multiculturalism

Leroy Myrie
Immigrated, Canadian Citizen

International Centre
Sheridan College, Trafalgar Campus

- Close up Leroy’s hands while talking
- Wide shot of Leroy walking into the apartment
-Close up of the side of Leroy’s face while being interviewed.
-Wide shot of International office
-Paning Shot of the International Centre and people working
-Wide shot of people using the International Centre
-Zoom in close up of the Canadian Flag and others
-Close up of Interviewee from the International Centre at work.
- Zoom out of the Canadian Crest.

2001 -2006 foreign born population increased by 13.6%.

2001-2006 Canadian population growth 3.3%.

Approximately 240, 000 new immigrants arrive in Canada each year.

Where immigrants come from (2007):
-58.3% Asia
-16.1% Europe
-10.8% Caribbean, Central and South America
-10.6% Africa
-3.5% United States

Approximately 1.7% of all Canadians don’t speak English nor French.

Canadian residents speak more than 200 languages.

Top non-official mother tongue in Canada: Chinese languages, Italian, German, Punjabi, Spanish, Arabic, Tagalog, Portuguese, Polish, Urdu, Ukrainian.

By 2017 1 in 5 Canadian will be a visible minority person.

Canadians report more than 20 different ethnic groups.

Top 10 ethnic origins in Canada: Canadian, English, French, Scottish, Irish, German, Italian, Chinese, North American Indian, Ukrainian, Dutch.

Approximately 95.8% of all immigrants who have been in Canada for 10 years or less live in
-53.8% Ontario
-17.8% British Columbia
-15.5% Quebec
-8.7% Alberta

*Source: ‘Citizenship, Immigration and Multiculturalism’- Cultural Competence, Stats Canada.

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