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15 secs: BlurryViz of people (Yvonne and I) socializing & drinking- it will be upbeat at first, then the music will slow down and we will have the visuals swirling. Then we will show multiple drinks- illustrating binge drinking.

Dr. Rick Csernick
1:48- 2:46 BIN 3, #1
You unfortunately, are the highest risk drinking population. There is a wonderful statistic that says if people who attend college/university drank their whole lives the way they do at postsecondary, we’d all be alcoholics. Binge drinking, accessive drinking, is the norm.

Lynn Pike
00:00:29 BIN 1, #1
It was very expectable, very fun, it helped you relax. It helped you feel in the mood to party. And it was just apart of my scene at that time.
We started a company 12 or eleven years ago… there were a lot of social aspects. There were public relations aspects too. And a lot of that scene had drinking apart of it.

Megan asking:
What was the trigger to your downward spiral into alcoholism?

Lynn Pike- coverage of Yvonne drinking
00:03:43 BIN 1, #1
“I didn’t know that I would have a problem with drinking. I had to take care of the business, my family, and the house deal, and the broken partnership. So during that time I think it was something I used to cope. And before long I could not do without drinking, I planned my life around it. Around my drinking.”

Dr.Rick- coverage of Yvonne quiet person vs. sociable
00:20- 1:43 BIN 3, #1
What’s problem drinking. The simplest definition that we use is that when you no longer control the alcohol, the alcohol controls you.
6:33-8:14 BIN 3, #1
So we’re looking for changed behaviour. People who are quieter, become excessively over the top sociable. People who are friendly, outgoing, doing well in school, all that changes. So the sort of first social factor we’re looking for is a change from who the person was. And the psychological, I mean they’re moodier, they’re angrier, they’re irritable, they’re just not fun to be with..

Lynn Pike
I started to pull back. I was a very public person. Very outgoing, very out there, but I would pull back. A lot of people in my life were like “where were you for two years?” We haven’t seen you; you kind of dropped off the map.

MEG ASKING QUESTION Were there any instances that made you think I need help?
“…One of the turning point s for me was* I went on a trip to Florida with four of my girlfriends. I said lets go out let’s go for dinner and dancing. And I had quite a bit to drink and I had been drinking all day. …We left our dinner and dancing and on the way home, I remember I would look down at my shoes. And that was the last moment I remember, then I said lets stop for karaoke, and that was the last thing I remembered. After that I didn’t think we went to karaoke. I woke up In bed with my night gown on…I don’t have any recollection of what went on, I heard I called them all kinds of names, and said things I would never say. They were all shocked and so angry all week and I didn’t even know. And they just thought that I was ignoring the fact that I did this and pretending it didn’t happen as if as if I knew it had gone on, but I didn’t. And from this point on I knew I had a problem… I was crying I had no idea, so that was around the point when I realized I needed to do something about this.*

Back to Lynn talking
So I thought maybe I should slow down, but as you know that doesn’t ever work. *** If you have an addiction problem you cant just cut it in half.”

MEG- How did your children and husband react to your addiction?
“Well they thought that someone took their mother away….** my kids didn’t know how to react, they didn’t know what to do, they just got very angry, and very afraid they didn’t know what to think.”

Dr. Rick.
7:44- 9:19 BIN 4, #1
For a family that has one member, with an alcohol dependency, the average impact is on 4 to 6 others.

MEG Asking-Did you ever feel any distance between your children and you?
Lynn- coverage of pictures of kids
“ Ya, But I didn’t care at that point. All I cared about was my next drink. I didn’t care about them anymore, I didn’t care about my life, I didn’t care about anything. When I wasn’t drinking I would feel bad about drinking, so It was a constant cycle I was so addicted by that point that it was all I wanted to do.

Dr. RIck
7:44- 9:19 BIN 4, #1
Children who’s parents have had substance abuse issues often themselves require counseling, even if they’ve never drank alcohol themselves. The alcohol tends to be more important then the kids and the love, support and nurturing that your parents are suppose to give you isn’t there because the alcohol comes first.
7:44- 9:19 BIN 4, #1- coverage of ACOC
…there’s a whole self help movement called adult-children of alcoholics So even if there’s someone in your family that you think has a drinking problem, that they don’t want to go for help, there’s still an opportunity for yourself to go and make sure that you’re taking care of yourself

It took along time for me to get that respect back, my middle ones were the meanest to me and I think my son still has some issue that he has to get help with but I cant make him do that cause he is a young adult he has to do that on his own.

6:33-8:14 BIN 3, #1—coverage of Yvonne hung over, ill
…the person is just run down, they physically don’t look well…people who are Caucasian, their skin will become a little more yellow, you’ll get red in the eyes, bag under the eyes, lack of energy. I mean all the things you can thing of- I mean the hangover, you’ve had a hangover, it’s just intensified. You also see things like isolation from friends, less social contact or conversely, accessive social contact, no longer studying.

5:46- 6:48 BIN 3, #2-
You need to drink more more and more to get the same affect. ..That’s tolerance, you’re starting to need more and more to get the same affect, the same level of relaxation. Obviously withdrawal, is that your hang over, your having 6 or 7 and your hangover is lasting half an hour instead half a day… your body is getting use to processing it and you needing more and more

00:07:16-coverage of Yvonne acting out what Lynn is describing (including a sunrise for the morning part)
“At that point I was so physically addicted that I would drink to fall asleep, and then I would wake up during the night. Shaking and sweating for now having a drink within four hours. I would have to take a drink again, to fall back asleep. And then in the morning I would wake up I would drink. When I would wake up in he morning to get rid of the withdrawal symptoms was to drink.

Dr. Rick
4:06- 6:28 BIN 3, #1
The longer you drink, the more you drink at one point and time, the more damage that occurs. Now at your age, it doesn’t matter as much. At my age, it starts catching up with you. So if you’ve been drinking on a regular basis, I mean, you’ve binge drinked once or twice a month even for 20, 30 years, you will start seeing some organ damage.

00:00- 1:08 BIN 3, #2
The liver litteraly starves itself of oxygen to process the alcohol. Now again, the short term basis, it’s not a big deal, you know, you do it for a couple of days, you do it once or twice a month, not a big deal. But you do it every single day, for a span of years, you end up with sceroris of liver, harding of the liver which is basically the oxygen starvation.

MEG- How many times did you try to go for help?
Lynn Pike
00:08:43… 00:35:00
“ I went to four different treatment centers, with four different philosophies completely. It was very educational, I know a lot about addiction and alcoholism**But all the knowledge in the world wasn’t enough to stop me.
I wasn’t within a week or two from coming home from treatment…I was right back where I was. I did the detox in my hometown… fourteen time. I didn’t know how to quit I just kept trying,

Dr. Rick
I mean the key here though is sooner rather then later. I mean when someone has alcoholism, and they’re physically and psychologically dependant to the drug, that’s not the best time to intervene. The best time is when they’re starting to develop a problem, when you need less help.

Lynn Pike- pictures of Lynn and her husband
..I was hurting them and my poor husband; he supported me through this whole thing… he would tell them that’s not my wife that’s not he Lynn I know That’s someone who is the product of alcohol. And I know Lynn and she is a very determined person and she is a survivor and she will find her way out, I don’t know how, but she will. . And he had faith in me that I didn’t have,, and he loved me when I didn’t love myself. He did say that some days he could have killed me.

How did you find out about Schick Shadel?

“I hated what I became, and I don’t know how I got there…..I felt as if I was watching myself, I was watching myself I was in my swimming pool,*I remember just standing there… I never made it to the deep end, and turned around and got out, went into my house, went onto my computer. I didn’t know how I came across the site…so I called them… Something’s I just cant explain, but I just don’t care, im better I don’t really care… And the person on the other end of the phone…I would call at 2 or 3 in the morning every night…I called everyday for two and half months, they didn’t believe I was going, I mean I had to fly to Seattle. I had to convince this to everyone that this one was going to work, and that it was 21 thousand dollars it was a feet that I don’t even know … in the state that I was in (deep breathe) but I did go ha-ha. I don’t know why but it’s the place for me and I know it’s going to work.

Back to Lynn
It all worked for me I came home, and I purpose now to grow everyday into what I’m suppose to be.

Lynn- coverage of kids
* And now I am just grateful to still have them. Im grateful for every minute I have with them. And I pray everyday that they don’t have to go throught the same thing. But if that’s the journey they have to take, to go through something to be what they need to be then..I can’t control that, I don’t try to control it its not in my control anymore. I have to let go what I cant control** which wasn’t easy for me because I like to control. (Sniffle)

What would you say to anyone who may be struggling with addiction?
“…you have to want it bad enough, and that all you want to do is hold on to that want (sniffle)… find something that you love even a glimpse of it. Cause you might only get a glimpse, and hold on to it that’s what you love more than the substance more than the behavior more than anything you are addicted to, and that will get you through.”

.00:04:44 They to loved me when I could not love myself. Find someone who is going to love you, when you cant love yourself, because you are certainly not loveable to yourself when your in the thralls of addiction. Show this as a bumper!!!

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