5 - Segment Details

What's The Issue - Derek (Segment Producer)
Still being confirmed.

How To - Valerie (Segment Producer)
How to spot a drinking problem. Possible interviews are at an AA meeting. Possibly Al Anon, talk to some people affected by friends and family with drinking problems.

Trends - Nic (Segment Producer)
Technology addictions…. Video games, wii, cell phones, twitter, ect. Youtube

Interview - Matt (Segment Producer)
Possibly a doctor with plenty of knowledge regarding addictions
Possibly someone who has recovered from an addiction.
Please come to class prepared with a show green from each for Friday

Solutions - Shannon (Segment Producer)
Talk to an interventionist about how to do an intervention, and how to approach someone you love about a drug problem.

Top 5… Strange Addictions - Brandon, Kahleed
possible topics, pringles, chapstic, ect

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