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29:18:26-29:36:10 Right now someone you know could be fighting a Sammy Stand-UP mental health or an addiction. And only one third get the proper help. We’re here at CAMH Canada’s largest addiction and mental health teaching hospital where everyday thousands of people are trying to fight statistics and change their lives.


Paulette in Chatelaine Sammy VO Talking introducing Paulette and
And what she does.

Cue Music softly in background
Pan of Paulettes Office

Paulette telling her story
Music continually behind her talking

Ways to deal with addictions
Introducing Mr.Galloway
CLIP discussing what is an intervention.

Celebrity Rehad Stand-up
Clip of Andrew getting his opinion

Something HERE to Transition to Paulette.

13:53:11-14:44:21 My treatment experience in these I call the Paulette OC square walls here at CAMH it came more like my home. The therapists, everybody at court, the court clerks everybody came like family to me.
Even though I called my mom and stuff like that
She said uh huh. I said mom I quit I’m in treatment now. She says huh huh and hangs up
the phone. But after staying a woman’s res for a month I got into a recovery home for woman. Excellent place. Theres a sense of peace and godliness in that house that gave me peace and gave me structure.

Why Paulette gives back now.

VO To end the segment..Saying something that there is hope…I think we should end with an helpline number places that offer services for interventions/CAHM etc.

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