Going Green Trends Outline

Event: National Home Show

Organized by the Remax Group.

Sponsored by Rogers, HGTV, Rona Canada, City Line, etc.
Sunday, February 22
10:00 am - 6:00 pm

Contact: Media Rep, Christina Herancourt
Phone: 416-486-7219

Direct Energy Centre, Exhibition Place
100 Princes' Blvd. 
Toronto, ON
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Located in the heart of downtown Toronto, the Direct Energy Centre, Exhibition Place, is close to entertainment, shopping and hotels. Ample parking is available and transit is just a short walk away. Visit the Parking/Directions page on the website for more information.

Producer: Kahleed
Camera: Ally
Reporter: James
Editor: Nick

Focus: The focus for this segment, “Going Green, Trends is to find out what are the latest Environmental trends that are making a positive impact on our society. It will also display how people are making more sustainable choices within their daily live.


• Fast-paced


Discover energy efficient upgrades, tour the Dream Home for the latest in eco-building design, kitchen renovations, shop over 50 exhibitors highlighting green products.
Plus don’t forget to pick up your Green Goodie Bag – available to the first 250 through the door!
• • See what’s new in eco-friendly products and services for your home & garden
• Tour the Dream Gardens – 32,00 sq. ft of inspirational green garden ideas
• Explore the 2009 Dream Home showcasing eco design
• Learn from green industry & celebrity experts
• Show, find eco-lux ideas & advice
• Gift bags to the first 250 visitors
• See Carson Arthur ‘Green Force - Creating an environmentally friendly backyard that will make your neighbors green with envy. Carson will examine several outdoor design challenges and explore eco friendly solutions that combine low maintenance landscaping techniques with stylish furniture and decor.
• Check out these great presentations on our 'Little" Project Stage, presented by HGTV click here for full stage schedule


Bamboo Lily Cass-A-Bella Construction Cindy Lee Sales
Eclipse Shutters Eco Living Cleaners Moose River Chamois
Ecotech Hydronics Ecowater EcOrganics
Euroseal Fieldmasters Foamite Industries
Green Creations Countertops High Efficiency Cooling & Heating Hydroxyl Environmental Inc.
Kinetico Next Energy Inc. Pella Windows
Phantom Screens Rainbow Systems Southwest Greens
Toronto Water Toyota Canada Ultimate Cloth
Vision Energy System Vista Windows Westney Landscaping

• Getting a tired sofa re-upholstered is a great way to keep it from going to the landfill. Consider removing the skirting, re-stuffing the old cushions (with feather wraps for a luxurious touch) and staining the exposed wood legs to update the overall look. Design trick: upholster curvy-lined furnishings with plain fabrics and straight-lined furnishings with patterned fabrics.
• Re-stain an old dining table or chairs in an ebony/black stain will instantly make it feel more contemporary no matter what the style.
• Re-paint using ecco-friendly paints. Almost every paint manufacturer makes the good stuff now.
• Donate old televisions, computers, televisions and cell phones to college students or safe-haven charities.
• A new lampshade will instantly update a boring lamp base. Dark grey or deep brown are best bets.
• Use old draperies to make shabby-chic bedskirts and pillows, or slipcovers for dining room chairs. I once bought a set of red velvet draperies from the Goodwill; they are now a customized Santa suit that I wear to parties each holiday season.
• Expensive Persian carpets that are worn-down and looking tired make great candidates to be turned into large floor cushions. A carpet repair/cleaning company can clean, cut and sew your old carpets into large floor pillows for a family room.
• Don't throw out that oversized, gaudy gold picture frame from the 60's (usually made of plastic). Paint it crisp white or jet black for an updated frame that cost nothing more than a can of plastic-coat spray paint (the type you paint lawn chairs works best). Insert a piece of mirror and hang outside for a stunning effect in the garden.
• Have door knobs, hinges, light fixtures and other metal hardware re-plated. It costs a fraction of the price than replacing with new hardware and you can have any metal finish you wish. French gold and old brass are on the come-back for metal finishes in the home.
• Buying New, Buying Wise…
• A heavy duty grasscloth wallpaper will help hide old, cracked walls and give your room a trendy/retro look. It can also be easily painted when the natural look gets tired.
• Look for bedding, towels and blankets made of BAMBOO- it's the latest in renewable fibers that are good for the environment.
• Choose leather over fabric when considering new upholstered furniture. Leathers are long lasting and offer a natural look to a room decor which can often outlast a trendy coloured or patterned fabric.
• Look for decorative candles made of Soy which is cleaner burning than regular petroleum wax.
• Consider half/full flush tiolets and Flo-wise shower heads which can save up to 40% of water usage in a home.
• Spot heat your home in the spring and fall; turn down the thermostat by 5% for 12 hours each day, then use space heaters, warming blankets or gas fireplaces to distribute heat within only the rooms you use at night. Doing this can help save hundreds of dollars on your heating bills each year.
• Installing skylights can help brighten dark hallways and rooms and reduce the amount of time ligh bulbs need to be on!

Top 10 Things You Can Do at Home…
1. Replace your incandescent light bulbs with compact florescent lights.
2. Turn down the thermostat just 2 degrees in the winter and up 2 degrees in the summer.
3. Inflate your car times - improve your gas milage by about 3.3%.
4. Turn down your water heater.
5. Choose your seafood wisely - take a look at Seafood Choices Alliance and Seafood Watch to make smart choices.
6. Purchase EnergyStar labeled appliances.
7. Wash and rinse in cold water.
8. Buy locally produced meats and produce.
9. Drink more water from reusable glasswares.
10. Walk, bike and carpool.

op 10 Things You Can Do at Work…
1. Turn off the lights.
2. Get off mailing lists - decrease the amount of catalogs or credit card offers.
3. Put your monitor to sleep.
4. Use the stairs - its good for your health, and it saves on electricty.
5. Make your printer's toner last.
6. Provide incentives for commuters.
7. Recycle and reuse paper.
8. Purchase 100% post-consumer waste, chlorine-free paper.
9. Recycle and reuse office materials.
10. Curb phantom electricity - many appliances still consume energy even when turned off - unplug!

Easy, Everyday, Energy-Savings Checklist…
Buy recycled paper products.
Regularly clean or replace filters on your furnace and air conditioner.
Install a programmable thermostat to automatically lower the heat or air conditioning at night. 
Choose energy-efficient appliances and look for the EnergyStar label on new appliances as these are more efficient models.
Wrap your water heater in an insulation blanket.
Use less water. If possible, install a low-flow showerhead, front loading washing machine, low-flow toliets and only run your dishwasher, on the energy-saving mode, when there's a full load.
Insulate and weatherize your home.
Choose well-designed, high quality home items that you're more likely to hold onto or hand down rather than throw out.
Look into the provincial and federal governments' rebate and benefit programs offered to homeowners who opt for green building methods.
Get a home energy audit.
Environmental List
In an ever growing trend to be more “Green” and the Carbon Footprint impact we have on the planet, many companies are coming out with their version of Eco-Friendly products. We are all familiar,

and hopefully participate, in the initiatives set out within the communities we live in to recycle, compost, etc; but what do we know about how to make our own home more “Green”? Whether you are renovating your home or building a new home, there are many ways in which one can make their home more environmentally friendly.
We are all familiar, or should be by now, with the opportunities out there to make our homes more energy efficient. We have all read about the tax credits, rebates and discounts one might get should they incorporate some or all of these energy efficient ideas into their home. The list is quite lengthy, but here are just a few that you have probably already read about and are aware of:
1. Convert your low or mid efficiency furnace to a high efficiency gas furnace
2. More energy efficient windows – not something you want to cheap out on.Good quality windows with good seals and low-E argon gas filled double panes, help cut down on heat loss
3. Well insulated walls and attic/roof spaces. This will cut down, again, on energy loss in the different climates which will help cut down on your energy consumption
4. Converting your electric appliances to gas…your range and clothes dryer for example,
The list can go on and include the basics like turning off all light fixtures when not in use or changing the bulbs in your light fixtures to more energy efficient bulbs.
The list can go on and include the basics like turning off all light fixtures when not in use or changing the bulbs in your light fixtures to more energy efficient bulbs.
All of these ideas are excellent to help create a more energy efficient home. Their purpose is to help reduce the amount of energy a home uses which, as a result, cuts down on the amount of power we have to produce overall. This, in the end, results, hopefully, in a lower carbon footprint. Every little bit helps!
But there are other ways to make your home more “Green” through the use, primarily, of recycled products. The number one thing that you can do when you are renovating your home, adding an addition or building a new home, is hire a designer who is knowledgeable and willing to work with your desire to create a “Green” build. Here are just a few new and unique ideas and products that you can research for your “Greener” home project.
1. Kitchens – Many kitchen companies are incorporating Green products in the shells and structure of their millwork and kitchens. Make sure you ask your kitchen company what Green products they have incorporated as well what finishing products they are using.
2. Paint – Many companies, such as Benjamin Moore, have developed VOC free paints. Benjamin Moore’s Natura line is a virtually odorless, zero VOC interior waterborne paint. This helps create a cleaner interior environment for you and your family.
3. Countertops – There are some beautiful products that can be purchased that utilize recycled glass and other products to create a wide assortment of slab material that can be used for countertops throughout your house. Check out www.enviroglasproducts.com as one example and see the wide range of colors that are available.

Coverage Plan

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2:00pm- We proceed to interview various vendors

Reporter- James

5:00pm- perform extro

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