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Daniel Hinton
Owner of Hydro Electrics

James- What Green Trends can you tell me about specifically to your product

00:00:17:00 DH- Green Trends in the heating industry are changing rapidly. But what’s making a huge comeback now are heat pumps, they are less expensive to install than Geothermal, and they’re very effective and efficient. But most people are recognizing the fact that in floor heating, ICF homes, and high efficiency appliances are the best way to go these days. Solar is making some inroads, but is still very expensive to install. 00:00:41:23 (24.23 sec)

James- How do you think these trends will change the future.

00:00:45:18 DH- As people become more aware, and start using more solar products, those prices will come down. We have already seen some thermal systems drop by over 30 percent over the last 18 months in material costs, and those will come down even further. Same with Fotopho AX, but their taking a bit longer. Trends for the future? Hopefully geothermal will come down in price as well, but I think solar will be the big thing to watch. 01:15:04 (30secs)

James- Why do you feel it’s important to go green?

DH- We want to try and minimize our impact on this planet, and the best way to do that is to minimize our green house gas foot print, and the best way to do that is to use renewable non consumable methods of heating, like solar energy, like wind energy. There has been some huge advances in wind energy lately with electromagnetic. So we’re going to see huge electromagnetic plants become on line within the next 5 to 10 years, and that will make huge impact on green house gases. 02:07:21

Next Energy
Ron Potter

James- Can you describe your company

RP- We started in the business 65 years ago. The grandfather of the current owner started converting coal furnaces to oil. So now it’s his grandson running the company, so we are still an oil company. We have 3 oil trucks on the road and we’re a heating and air conditioning company as well, and recently have become a geothermal company.

James- So what going green trends apply to your company

RP- 05:22:16Well increased efficiency in all aspects> so weither your putting in a oil furnace, a gas furnace, geo-thermal, everything is moving towards higher efficiency. Heating hot water again, higher efficiencies. So I think that’s the biggest trend, the more efficient the better. The more efficient the more people take an interest in.

James- Why do you feel it’s important to go green?

RP- Well, If you drive into Toronto in the morning and see how many million of cars travel back and fourth from Toronto. That everything we can do to reduce carbon into the atmosphere can benefit us all, and I think we are aware of the fact that there is too much carbon going into the atmosphere.

James- What is geothermal?

RP-00:07:33:09 Geothermal is using solar energy that’s stored in the ground. Like 60 percent of the energy of the sun gets stored in the ground. So geothermal basically taps into that energy and uses it for heating and for cooling. 00:07:53:04 (20sec)

James- What’s the benefit of geothermal to your customers, rather than using something else.

RP- Well, having a geothermal system is using a free energy source. Like for every unit of energy, cause it takes electricity to run the heat pump, for every unit of electricity you’re getting 4 units of free energy from the ground. So its basically 400 percent proficient. So that’s reason enough. It will pay itself back in a period of time, but there’s always a payback, it will pay you back for installing it no matter what type of heating system you currently have. And within the lifetime of the unit. There is no situation where geothermal would be a negative in any respect, if you could put it in, because sometimes property factors can limit what we can do.

James- So you think that geothermal is the best option to go

RP- Oh yeah, I don’t know anything else that can do the job and do it more efficiently. This the question. Can it do the job? Geothermal can basically do the job and do it efficiently if you design it to do it that way. Any other type of heating system that uses, lets say an air source heat pump, they are limiting factors when you get into extreme cold. There are with geothermal as well, but there’re not as limited. So geothermal comes out ahead of any other systems available.


Jeff- 00:11:34:18 What Ecorganics is, it’s a special company that’s an eco product and supplier. I do everything from compostable diapers, all the way to industrial cleaners, compostable garbage bags, and I do one of my billion services is organic lawn care, and my main product that I do for that is eco lawn, and that’s what I’m supplying today. - 00:11:54:15

James- What green trends would you say apply to your product.

Jeff- With this grass seed you’ll never need to water, no fertilizer, no weed control, rubs don’t like it, and you’ll only have to cut it once a month, instead of every 5 days. So with a product like that you’d cut down your maintenance fees by 75 percent it would eliminate the need for irrigation systems, and also ultimately you’d never need lawn care ever again. And some people buy lawn care year after year, it’s a residual thing and with our grass seed that we have now its not sufficient enough, the root system only goes about an inch deep, its transparent, it doesn’t get enough nutrients, but with this system it goes down 9 inches deep and it adds soil, 14 inches of good soil. It can do clay, it can do sand, high shade. It’s ultimately the best grass seed you can have for your business, for your home, and is extremely low maintenance.

James- How popular would you say your product is.

Jeff- I have a lot of people that are residual. They come by and they say, I have your product, and I think it’s amazing. I’ve had people say, that they have direct sun, they have shade, they have crabby soil, and they put down their product and it’s been absolutely amazing even though they have a dog

James- How do see this product changing the future

Jeff- I think if municipalities change to this product they would end up having so much savings with their properties, through out the whole city. Like we’re driving around now because of lawn care, their not allowed to use pesticides so people stop doing anything all together, they think that’s the answer. And then all I see is weeds, dandy lions, I see wades all over the place, and with this product here it would choke out the weeds, but it would be grass, and ultimately if you don’t want to actually cut it, it wouldn’t even matter, it would end being about maybe 12 inches and it would start being wavy. So the field areas would still be grass, they wouldn’t be full of weeds.

James - why do you feel it’s important to go green

Jeff- Cancer. That would probably be the number one answer. Right across the board is our health. I have a 4-month year old son, and I absolutely care about everything he touches. So now I look at my carpet, I’m talking about flame retardant that we have. There are tons and tons of chemicals in our homes. Our indoor pollution is probably infinitely worse than coming to downtown Toronto and having smog alerts. We have more poison inside our homes. So you go on my website I have everything cleaner you can think of inside your house. I have dryer balls which less than the amount of the electricity with your dryers. Every chemical that we have is environmentally friendly, they’re non harmful, and I care about everything if he’s going to be touching it, his toys, his clothes, his diapers. I even have compostable diapers. And I’m of the only few people in Canada that carries them and they’re far better than any other diaper I’ve ever tried.

James- How does the consumer benefit from going green

Jeff- Well, you take some people who take great pride in their lawns. They water every time there becomes a drought problem and if you never have to water again there’s a huge savings, huge time, especially when’s there’s water bands. Imagine having a grass seed that water bands would never be affecting. When you have drought problems in the middle of summer with this grass seed you can walk down the street and it will be the only one that’s green, and you also have to be cutting once a month, so it’s a huge time you’d be saving with your family. You can lay in your hammock, how would you like that. And you have the grub problems, it helps with that. When your cutting your grass a huge thing is the emissions. So instead of cutting your grass, it takes you an hour. If you run your lawn mower, the emissions that come out of your lawn mower for one hour, is the same as driving your vehicle for six. We also have products that we use in all of our lawn care products we put inside the gas, and what it does it lowers the emissions to almost nothing, your fuel effiecncy gets better, and it will clean out your engine. We make sure their environmentally safe.

James- Do you feel this is only going to be fad or is this a trend that’s going to continue.

Jeff- I don’t think it’s going to be a fad. There has been fads that came out in the 70’s an 80’s and I don’t think this going to be a fad. I think people are stating to see that there is a direct relationship between all of our health problems and the environment, and all the products that we use. There’s everything from our deodorant, soap, to our clothes. Like there are pesticides in our clothes when we buy them form overseas so they won’t have bugs in them, because the poisonous bugs they bring over. And its everyone duty.

Stuart Tope
President of Hydroxyl

James- Can you describe your product

ST- 18:09:22 We brought into Canada a new technology that’s quite profound, that primarily acts an agent in eliminating odours, volatile compounds, chemical odours, any type of odours. All the way from skunk, nicotine, any types of pollutants, and the inventor who brought this technology indoors is mimicking what happens outdoors. We produce what is called Droxyl molecules with singularly the most important molecule in the world for disassembling odours in our troposphere, and the scientific community is suggested that Droxyls is nature’s broom. So outside if there is a dead animal you don’t smell it until you get really close to it, that’s because these hydroxyls are working on them all day to assemble these odours. So for the first time we are now able to bring equipment indoors and deal with all the way down to hockey equipment. We can plug a machine in turn it on, it’s safe to be around, and I will deodorize that hockey equipment probably in about 8 hours, right down to a brand new smell. We can do a smoking car, we just did a Costco fire down in Miami, where we had 140,000 sq feet facility where we had an electrical fire with smoke odours all through the goods and all through the store. It was suggested that store be shout down for 30 days, there were six million dollars in content damages. We put in one large machine; we had it operational in 36 hours.19:57:21 (1:48sec) In doing that it also has a bunch of other benefits. We have UV technology to take care of air born viruses in

Eliminating odours we stop bacteria from producing. So we knock down lestiria, which is a great topic of conversation right now in Canada, we’ll knock down lesteria in the right space, for the right piece of equiptement in 4 hours down to 0. Ecoli, staphsutomonious. So there is a great opportunity for the health and food industry as well.

James- What green trends would you say apply to your product.
ST- As a society we have accepted an environment where we work, especially in a lot of areas that have very dangerous odours. Wield shops as an example. This technology, we just did a wield shop in a prison in the US, as 100,000 sq foot wield shop. We can put the technology in, in two to three days all the wielding gases will be eaten up or disassembled by the molecules. So the employees will now have a safe environment place to work. It will also scrub the equipment, keep it clean, last longer, less consumable, that type of thing.

James- How do see this product changing the future

ST- We are right now developing new technology that’s going to go on your car, on your fridge. One of things this does, if you get rid of bacteria, we stop decay, we retard decay. Example, a Hindu Sect, that’s buying this technology. They keep bodies for a hundred days, and because of the stop in decay these bodies will stay fresh. We are developing for fridges, different applications. We got one coming out for ambulances that could on mobile units for disinfections.

James- Do you see this as a fad

ST- This is absolutely profound technology. We are right now working with hospitals in Canada, nursing homes. We’re working with major restoration companies across the country we are eliminating the need for people to use ozone to remediate odours. We’ve got furnaces units that go on your homes. By purifying the air and all the odours in the home there is a huge benefit for allergy sufferers, asthmatics. My son is a four puffer a day asthmatic. I have a furnace unit he doesn’t use his puffers anymore. 3M has just come out with a hydroxyl puffer which helps keep those lungs. VOC, Volatile Organic Compounds are a real reason for asthmatics, you get a swelling in your larynx. Even with sleep amphya same thing. If we can eliminate those we can have a huge health benefit.

James- What your saying is that Hydroxyl is a trend for the future

ST- Right. 23:05:20 As an example. The Japanese have contacted the manufacturer. They want to put one in every airplane that comes out of Japan, because 1 in 5 people get sick on a flight. There’s eighty thousand employees that work in the Japanese airline industry that fly. So if you can think about 20 percent of those getting sick everyday as there flying, this will decontaminate the air, it will result the less, much lesser chance of cross continental viruses coming in like sars. So it’s a quite huge technology that’s going to start to find its way into everyday life, on an on going bases. 23:44:20

Eco- Water
Sales Rep

James- Can you describe your company

Tony- We are a company called Eco-water systems. We have water softening, crab infiltration, idem filters, reverse osmosis systems. Basically almost anything that’s got to do with treating the water.

James- What green trends would you say apply to your product.

Tony- Eco-water systems is producing reverse osmosis system for a very long period of time. Reverse osmosis gives you pure water. So the pure water is totally at the end of the user. Where you have separate facets in your sink, and therefore you don’t need to buy bottles. As you know we have over a billion empty bottles going to the land fills, so that really good for your planet. By having the system your purifying the water, you get the water as you need it, you have it right on your fingertips any day, any moment. You could cook with it, drink it. There’s a replaceable filter on the system. Eco water was the first company to come with a recycle program.

James- How do you see this product changing the future

Tony- Avoiding lot of disposable products going to the landfills, there’s a lot of potential savings into our planet.

James- Is this a fad or a trend, and will it still be here in the future

Tony- For now and for the future, Eco water has been around since 1925. And the company, he named it Eco water systems, even before this eco technology was fashionable. Like today everybody comes out with the eco blog or the eco this, eco that. But they been doing it for 85 years. So im sure they will be around for a long time.

Mitch Lajeunesse
President of Green Creations

James- Can you describe your company

ML- Our company is Green Creations, but what we do is handle rich like counter tops. Mostly the counter tops are made out of…it’s a paper product. It’s made out of pulp out of pine trees and yokouliptis trees. What happens is the product itself is made into paper and then we use a fonolic resent and baked to paper to make it a hard surface. So the colour for example, on a counter top is all the way through. It’s a natural product and works like hardwood. It will patina with time and it will age. For example, if you get a black counter top with time just like a hardwood it will patina with time. If you have any damage to it what so ever, all you do is buff it with a scotch pad or if its really bad with a small sand paper and it will come back to life. It will be the same colour all over again once it patinas. Its 99.3 non-porous. So its approved by the National Sanitation Board. The colonization of bacteria will never occur with this product here. Also the big thing unlike laminates and stuff like that, the product itself is the same color all the way through. So if you get an inch and quarter counter top unlike granent where you’ll have three quarters of an inch and you have to build up the edges here your counter top is a full inch and a quarter. It makes it a lot stronger, it makes it a lot more solid, but not only that it’s the only counter top in the industry that has a lifetime warranty on it. So its pretty much indestructible and as far as the tank less water heater, it’s the largest capacity tank less water heater on the market. You could actually run two showers and a tap at the same time and you’ll never run out of hot water. So instead of paying for heating hot water 24/7 , this here its instantaneous hot water. Just whenever you turn it on , then you pay for the energy that your using. So those are the two main products. But the tank less water heater is a really popular product. As far as the counter top. Its been around since the 60’s in the states, people are just staring to come on board now with the green movement and stuff like that. People want sustainable products. This is a complete natural product which makes it popular.

James- How is your product environmentally friendly

ML- Its approved by the Forestry. The product is from a controlled environment. We only pull pulp, the tress from a controlled environment. Where it rebuilds. If they use trees within ten years, they will re-grow again. It’s a maintained forest, but not only that the product we use, the pulp from the product that would be discarded. We use it to make the paper and then from there everything is reusable.

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Daniel Hinton, President- IN 00:00:17:00 “Green Trends in the heating industry are changing rapidly OUT 00:00:41:23…. IN 00:00:45:18 Hopefully geothermal will come down in price as well, but I think solar will be the big thing to watch OUT 00:01:15:04 (54 sec)

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B-roll of Eco-Organics
IN 00:16:47:20 Jeff- “I don’t think it’s going to be a fad…… “Like there are pesticides in our clothes when we buy them form overseas so they won’t have bugs in them, because the poisonous bugs they bring over. And its everyone duty”OUT 00:17:31:07 (1:27secs)

Viz- B-roll of the home show

Viz- B-Roll of Hydroxyl
Stuart Tope, President of Hydroxyl Inc-IN @ 18:09:22 “We brought into Canada a new technology that’s quite profound, that primarily acts an agent in eliminating odours “……… “the scientific community is suggested that Droxyls is nature’s broom” OUT @ 18:59:24
Viz- Trying using B-roll of the demonstration that took place with James’s shoe
Stuart Tope- Right.IN@23:05:20 “As an example. The Japanese have contacted the manufacturer” ………. So it’s a quite huge technology that’s going to start to find its way into everyday life, on an on going bases”. OUT@ 23:44:20 (1:30secs)

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