Hey guys,
I just wanted to get you guys thinking about our new show, on Multiculturalism and Diversity. Here is the definition of Multiculturalism in the Wikipedia..
The term multiculturalism generally refer to an applied ideology of racial, cultural and ethnic diversity within the demographics of a specified place, usually at the scale of an organization such as a school, business, neighborhood, city or nation.
Some countries have official, or de jure policies of multiculturalism aimed at recognizing, celebrating and maintaining the different cultures or cultural identities within that society to promote social cohesion. In this context, multiculturalism advocates a society that extends equitable status to distinct cultural and religious groups, with no one culture predominating.
There are many advocates of multiculturalism particularly in academia and the media. The ideology remains controversial and is opposed by those who support particular cultural standards.

Yvonne and I would like to meet up with you guys tomorrow before Leslie's class that we all must attend. We have to go over our ideas, and finalize what we want from the show so you guys can go out and start shooting. I hope you guys all had a great break….I know I'm wanting to stretch it out a little more….
See ya tomorrow

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