Multiculturalism Rundown

What’s the Issue:
How many people immigrated to Toronto/Canada last year
- who’s coming?
- Where are they going?
- Why?
- What jobs are they getting?
- Families/single?
- Personal element, find someone who has immigrated here recently
- According to the federal government, Canada has the highest per capita
immigration rate in the world[6], and 43% of new immigrants settle in the
Greater Toronto Area.
- Official Multiculturalism Act…check this out on Wikipedia and other sites.

How to:
Eat multiculturally in your community
Reach within Oakville and show Sheridan students how to they can eat and cook multiculturally food for cheap and locally

- Punjabi Hockey
Multicultural and Canadian
- Bollywood Movie Theatres in Toronto, Albion
- What kind of people go there?
How we implement changes (holidays) through multi-culturalism I.E: “Happy Holidays”, easter holiday, Halloween (kids now wear orange and black at school instead of costumes)

-Little cities throughout Toronto
- What to buy
- What stands out
-Take a tour
- Emerge herself into each culture throughout the city.

Learns different languages, and says something funny in a different lang

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